GreekPack Snack Subscription Box Review & Coupon - July 2015

GreekPack is a brand new monthly snack subscription box from Greece. In case you are wondering, it is shipped directly from Athens! Each month, they send 6-8 full-sized traditional Greek snacks. Monthly subscription is $22.99 and they ship worldwide for $5. The price per month is lower with longer term commitment. This box was kindly sent to us for review purposes. Our feeback is completely honest, and we will never accept monetary compensation in exchange for a positive review.

Subscription: GreekPack

Category: Food, Snacks

What's Included: 6-8 full-size traditional Greek snacks.

Price: $22.99 per month ($21.99 per month for 6-months or $19.99 per month with annual subscription).

Ships To: $5 worldwide shipping.

Coupon: Use our exclusive coupon code BOXOMETRY10 to get 10% off your subscription.

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Boxometry July 2015 GreekPack Review - Detail Card Front

Boxometry July 2015 GreekPack Review - Detail Card Back

The box comes with a card with a lot of detailed information about each snack - its history, ingredient source, how they were made, meaning of the name, and etc. I'm really happy that they included so much information since all of the product labels are in Greek with very limited English words.

Boxometry July 2015 GreekPack Review - Chalvadopita

Product: Chalvadopita
Retail Value: $11.90 (Full Size)

The Chalvadopita is best described as a Greek nougat. I love nougats, but a lot of the ones I've had sticks to my teeth after chewing for a while. This one is amazing! It's soft, slightly chewy with a nice crunch from the almonds, lightly sweetened, and does not stick on my teeth when I am done. Unfortunately, this exact one is not available in the states. I found a similar one to estimate the value, but I know that sometimes the taste and texture of the same food or snack can vary by brand. I would love to get more of this specific Chalvadopita!

Boxometry July 2015 GreekPack Review - Sarantis LifeDrops Sugar Free Mastic Gum and Fino Greek Forest Honey

Product: Sarantis LifeDrops Sugar Free Mastic Gum
Retail Value: $1.95 (Full Size)

My husband’s first reaction was that the gum tastes like dill. The card describes it as being bitter at first, followed by a slightly pine or cedar-like flavor. I think they are pretty spot on with the description. Although it tastes a bit strange at first, but I got used to it after a minute or so. This is a gum flavor I hadn’t had before, so I enjoyed trying something different.

Product: Fino Greek Forest Honey (30 grams)
Retail Value: $1.50 (One Serving)

The Fino Honey is harvested from the forests of Greece and has a deep amber color. I love honey in teas, on toasts, or anything you can use it on. The taste of this Fino Honey is best described as having a rich floral flavor.

Boxometry July 2015 GreekPack Review - Mikio Mini Breadsticks

Product: Mikio Mini Breadsticks
Retail Value: $2.87 (Full Size)

According to the card, the "Mikio" is a Cretan snack prepared without preservatives and uses pure, fresh, and wholesome ingredients. These mini breadsticks is made with extra virgin olive oil, and flavored with graviera cheese and feta cheese. I am usually not a fan of breadstick snacks because often times they are hard and scrapes my tongue. However, the Mikio Mini Breadstick has a nice crunch without being hard (no cuts!). The cheese flavor is subtle, but has just enough taste for me to keep eating it. If I were to choose a breadstick snack, I would probably get this version.

Boxometry July 2015 GreekPack Review - Macedonian Chalvas with Cocoa

Product: Macedonian Chalvas with Cocoa
Retail Value: $1.50 (Full Size)

The word halva means desserts or sweet. This particular bar is nut-butter-based. It is crumbly in texture, and made with crushed sesame seeds and defatted cocoa. It's sweet but also has a very slight bitter taste from the cocoa. It is very similar to the crumbly candy bar I've had from China and other nearby countries. I couldn't find this for sale online, so the price is an estimate based on similar snack and size.

Boxometry July 2015 GreekPack Review - Pasteli Sesame & Honey Bar

Product: Pasteli Sesame & Honey Bar
Retail Value: $2.00 (Full Size)

This is a sesame seed candy bar that taste almost exactly like the ones I've had from Asia. It has a nice crunch, and good balance of sweetness from honey. The bag contains three bars. Again, I couldn't find this for sale online, so I estimated the price based on similar snack and serving size.

Boxometry July 2015 GreekPack Review - Tsakiris Chips

Product: Tsakiris Chips
Retail Value: $3.50 (Full Size)

My husband and I loved these chips. In fact, we finished the entire bag in a couple of minutes. There are three different chip textures and two different flavors. The flavors are gyros and greek yogurt. Obviously I am not of Greek descent, and the most authentic Greek food I've had is from this small restaurant owned by an old Greek couple. With that said, I thought these chips are such a neat idea. I love chips with creative flavors, such as Sriracha flavored Lay’s.

ProductsRetail Value
Chalvadopita (Full Size) $11.90
Sarantis LifeDrops Sugar Free Mastic Gum (Full Size) $1.95
Fino Greek Forest Honey (One Serving) $1.50
Mikio Mini Breadsticks (Full Size) $2.87
Macedonian Chalvas with Cocoa (Full Size) $1.50
Pasteli Sesame & Honey Bar (Full Size) $2.00
Tsakiris Chips (Full Size) $3.50
Total $25.22

Final Thoughts: I enjoyed everything included in this box. There's a nice variety of different snacks. My favorites are the Chalvadopita and Tsakiris Chips. However, everything else is good too. Although I haven't had a lot of Greek snacks before, there are a couple of items in here that's very similar to the ones I've had in Asia, but with slight variations in texture and flavor. Most of the value is estimated since I cannot find a lot of the snacks being sold in the states. I think the price comes pretty close to the cost of the box, but the value comes from being able to try authentic foods/snacks from Greece that you won't be able to find at your local supermarket. I would highly recommend this box to anyone interested in trying snacks from a different country.

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