BrickSwag Lego Subscription Box Review - November 2015

BrickSwag is a monthly box for Lego enthusiasts of all ages. Inside each box you receive a new Lego tee shirt, unique Lego builds and minifigures, custom trading cards, and Lego Swag. Each box is themed and all the components will follow that monthly theme. The November theme is Big Feasts.

This box was kindly sent to us for review purposes. We do not accept monetary compensation for reviews, and only provide our honest feedback.

Subscription: BrickSwag

Category: Kids, Toys

What's Included: New Lego tee shirt, unique Lego builds and minifigures, custom trading cards, and Lego Swag

Price: $27 per month ($25 per month for 3-months, or $20 per month for 6-month subscription).

Ships To: Shipping is $7 per box in the US.

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Boxometry BrickSwag November 2015 Review - Booklet

The box comes with a booklet with information on the included items, instructions on the lego build of the month, review and more.

Boxometry BrickSwag November 2015 Review - Booster Pack and Builder Pack

Product: Brick Booster Pack
Retail Value: $8.00

The booster pack comes with various Lego pieces that you can add to your collection.

Product: Turkey Dinner Build
Retail Value: $8.00 (Estimated)

The turkey lego is very appropriate for Thanksgiving, and a fun little build. These mini projects aren't too complicated, but I really like that BrickSwag includes very clear instructions.

Boxometry BrickSwag November 2015 Review - A Well Built Diet Tee Shirt

Product: "A Well Built Diet" Tee Shirt
Retail Value: $14.99 (Estimated)

I absolutely agree with this diet!

Boxometry BrickSwag November 2015 Review - Awesome Fig Face Drinking Cup

Product: Awesome Fig Face Drinking Cup
Retail Value: $5.00 (Estimated)

I'm probably going to use this cup as a pen/crayon holder for my little guy. It's adorable!

Boxometry BrickSwag November 2015 Review - Fission Chips Poster

Product: "Fission Chips" Poster
Retail Value: $5.00 (Estimated)

I love humorous posters, especially geeky/nerdy ones like this "Fission Chips" one. I just wish the poster wasn't folded because I'd like to decorate my son's room with it. It's not a big deal though.

Boxometry BrickSwag November 2015 Review - Custom Trading Cards

Product: Custom Trading Cards
Retail Value: $2.50

The box included five custom trading cards. I'm adding these to my collection thanks to BrickSwag.

ProductsRetail Value
Brick Booster Pack $8.00
Turkey Dinner Build $8.00
"A Well Built Diet" Tee Shirt $14.99
Awesome Fig Face Drinking Cup $5.00
"Fission Chips" Poster $5.00
Custom Trading Cards $2.50
Total $43.49

Final Thoughts: Most of the items in the BrickSwag box is custom or exclusive, so all of the values are estimated based on retail prices of similar products. However, exclusive items tend to have higher value since you can't purchase them anywhere else unless you received this subscription, so the value is probably higher. The theme for this month is around Feast, so they appropriately included a turkey dinner build, an awesome food pyramid t-shirt, and "Fission Chips" poster. The curation is well thought out, and not to mention, fun!

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