Box of Happies


Box of Happies is a monthly subscription box of unique handmade products created by different artists. Each month they produce a limited number of boxes, and deliver 4 to 6 specialty handcrafted items such as jewel, accessories, notebooks, etc. Box of Happies also allows you to choose exactly which month you'd like to receive your box. The current 'best value' is the 3-month subscription where your monthly cost is $23.50 with the shortest commitment term.

Box Details


Monthly: $24.00 Per Month
2-Month: $48.00 ($24.00 Per Month)
3-Month: $70.50 ($23.50 Per Month)
6-Month: $141.00 ($23.50 Per Month)
Annual: $282.00 ($23.50 Per Month)



Number of Items




Ships to
  • Ships to the US