About Us

Hi there! My name is Linda Ni, and I am the co-founder and designer of boxometry.com. While looking for non-toxic and eco-friendly baby products, I stumbled upon subscription boxes and have been addicted since early 2014. My very first subscriptions included Citrus Lane, Love With Food, The Conscious Box, and Barkbox. I love subscription boxes because 1.) I love trying new products, 2.) I love surprises, and 3.) there’s a subscription box for literally everything I like - from makeup, to fashion, to organic products, to baby toys, to food, to arts and crafts, to fandoms.

During the process, I discovered boxes I absolutely love, and others not so much. Some subscription companies consistently curate wonderful products month after month, while others are more sporadic in quality and value. A while ago, my husband ordered a gift subscription and never received tracking and the recipient didn’t even know who it was from! As a result, I wanted to create a place where I can share our experiences and help keep track of all the subscription boxes out there. This is when Boxometry was born. My hope is to help others like myself to find the right subscription service that meet their needs, expectations, and budget.

With the help of my husband, Lawrence, who is a full-time Software Architect and co-founder of boxometry.com, we have a running site. We spent lots of nights between work and baby to gather data, design, and implement. There are still some work-in-progress features, so please bear with us.

Last but not least, thank you for stopping by boxometry.com!