PitterPat Packages


PitterPat Packages is a monthly date night subscription service. Each month, they send themed monthly date night packages complete with all of the pieces and parts to make your date nights extraordinary. Break free from the "dinner and a movie" rut and get your date night back! You will receive least 5 products every month, a complete themed date night idea card with instructions about the date and timeline needed for date preparation, 6-12 captivating conversation cards to go along with the theme, and 3-6 kiss kards included.

Box Details


Monthly: $33.00 Per Month
3-Month: $89.10 ($29.70 Per Month)
6-Month: $168.30 ($28.05 Per Month)
Annual: $316.80 ($26.40 Per Month)



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Varies By Location

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  • Ships to the US
  • Ships to the CA
  • Ships to the GB
  • Ships to the AU
  • Ships to the GL